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      In the Library’s catalogue hall and Reading Rooms, there are more than 20 terminals with the access to the online catalogues of three libraries: MCSU, Life Science University and University of Technology. The system enables users to place request for books to be borrowed or to the reading rooms use.
      Traditional orders (by means of order slips) are only completed for older publications in the Library’s collections, which have not yet been listed in the computer catalogue. These are mostly books published before 1989.

Catalogue hall
      The catalogue hall’s opening hours are the same as those of the Library, i.e.:
Monday - from 11 to 20
Tuesday-Friday - from 8 to 20
Saturday - from 8 to 14

Any comments on the functioning of the library catalogue in the Virtua system should be directed to the MCSU ML Computerization Department, tel. (81)537 58 16

The contents of the online catalogue

      The online catalogue contains information about all the Library’s collections obtained since 1996 (51% of the contents of the catalogue). Moreover, about 38% are descriptions of books published in the years 1981-1995, and the rest are those of earlier publications.
In addition, the online catalogue informs about the newest acquisitions from the four departmental libraries: the Institute of English Studies Library, the Faculty of Law Library, the Faculty of Political Science Library, Institute of Earth Sciences Library, from October 2004 – the Faculty of Economy Library, and from February 2005 – the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology Library. The catalogue contains descriptions of most current periodicals located in the Main Library, as well as a part of the journals from departmental libraries.

The catalogue contains so far:

  • more than 272,000 book descriptions, including 17,000 records from departmental libraries (80% in Polish, 5% in English, 15% - in other languages)
  • about 8,000 descriptions of periodicals holdings (77% in Polish, 17% in English, 6% - in other languages)

Information on older MCSU ML book collections are available in the card catalogue.

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The card catalogue

alphabetical catalogue of new books
contains information about Polish and foreign books published in 1800 – 1997; selected academic treatises from collective works, microfilms; the catalogue has not been supplemented since 2001;
classified catalogue of new books
contains information about Polish and foreign prints published in 1800 - 1994, arranged into 25 sections according to fields of knowledge;
subject catalogue
contains information about books published in Poland in 1956 – 1997, and books published abroad in alphabetical order of subject entries (the topics of the books); the catalogue has not been supplemented since 2001; ;
periodicals catalogue
contains information about journal titles, collective works and other serial publications such as: lists of lectures, calendars, lists of university academic workers, reports, serial bibliographies, etc.; (in alphabetical order)
special collections catalogues (alphabetical and subject)
contains information about old prints, manuscripts, iconography, musical collections and doctoral dissertations;
reference collections catalogue (alphabetical and subject)
informs about the collections located in particular Reading Rooms and departments;
the central catalogue of the departmental libraries
contains information about books and periodicals located in particular departmental libraries (in alphabetical order)

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